Your Community, Your Commitment

Do you remember when you first found your Ben’s Friends’ Chiari community and the immediate welcoming connection you felt? You know then just how important it is to continue welcoming new members to the community.

We’re looking for special volunteers to help with this important role. Ben’s Friends’ greeters help make introductions, give site directions and help the newest community members feel connected. There is no schedule. We ask you give of your time only what you wish to contribute.

Please consider joining Ben’s Friends’ Greeters. Message a moderator for more details on how you can carry out this special work and contribute to your community.

Thank You.
Your Chiari Support Mod Team

If helping out here on your community is of interest to you and you would like more details of what is involved, do please contact any of the moderators for more information or to ask any questions you have.

Hope to hear from you soon.