Yes you have Chiari but I think

So I went to another neurologist for a second opinion. No joke, He walks in pokes me in the back of my head and says "Did that hurt?" LMAO!! I was stunned as was my wife. He then sits down and tells me that yes I have a Chiari 1 Malformation (duh) but he believes all the problems have to do with a pinched nerve.

I was blown away!!! Really this is what you think? So we go on talking were I tell him I want the decompression surgery done, before it gets worse. I do not want to wait until I can barely function. I tried to explain that I am in the military, and being down all the time is going to have negative repercussions on my career.

He finally agrees with me and I now have surgery scheduled for August 1st. I am excited and very nervous at the same time. I can't be down as long as they recommend but I will be on reduced duty for a while!

Thank you all for the kind words and all the stories and information I have read here.

Oh wow. Doctors are so crazy sometimes. I had a doula client who's doctor told her putting on gown for an OBGYN exam wasn't necessary, she should just "drop her pants." o.O

I'm glad you got him to listen to you and you've got a date scheduled! Good luck and good health!

Katrina W.

Yep, I am just glad to finally be moving in the right direction.

OMG That is horrible! About the poking you and saying the pinched nerve is your problem. It's kinda funny how doctors listen though if you say you want it.

I am having it done off base, I would not trust my clinic to do it lol. Yeah I wanted to punch him in the face after that poke!

DianaInAlaska said:

Are you getting the surgery done on base/post? I have retired tricare and I'm going to the Mayo Clinic in September instead of a military surgeon. When I read your first sentence I thought to myself, **Does THIS hurt?** while being punched in the neck. I know, I know... inappropriate and I'm NEW here. :)

Good healing thoughts sent your way for you and your family!

I'm still checking out the site, I hope I did the reply thingy correctly.