YAY, Yeah, woo hoo

Woo Hoo won the SSDI case and did not have to enter the room or speak to the judge, YAY..

Great News!!!!!!!

Congrats! :)

Congradulations!!!!! Happy for you!!!

Yes any advice at all would help! I live in Indiana and they are telling me it could be next April before I can get a hearing with the judge! Meanwhile me and my boys are close to having to go to a homeless shelter. I don't want that for them. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Congratulations! One less thing to worry about.

Awesome news! How long did the whole process take?

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for advice and time waiting - I'll start with the time waiting. It has been approx 20 months since filing before I got the hearing. The hearing was actually scheduled about 4 months ago.

As for tips filing that is a rather tricky sticky situation. I used an SSDI company to help (All-Sup) and by NO MEANS this is not an endorsement for them. If you choose some one to represent you, please do the due diligence and research on them first.

My lawyer told me today before she went in to talk to the judge that all of mt syndromes, conditions and everything combined is what got the approval.. She said the condition, syndromes, etc alone would have resulted in a denial.

I learned a lot from being denied in my short and long term disability. Both were a fight with the company, I will not name. Anyhow with this company and the time restrains on submitting information , I obtained all of the medical records myself and sent them to the disability company. If you have STD and/or LTD get copies of there records of what you sent and anything else in the file (it is your right). If at a hearing though DO NOT TALK about any difficulty (if you had any)about obtaining STD/LTD.

SO TIP #1 Obtain your own records and store in a safe place. Only send copies and I realize money may be tight but if you can purchase your own all in one machine (print, copy, scan, fax) or if you know someone who has one ask to use theirs. In the long run it will save you money with most place charging anywhere from $1.00 and up to send. I had records between 40 to 50 pages at times. The largest I sent was 147 pages (quite a few $$$ if you have to pay)

TIP #2 Document, Document, DOCUMENT. Easier said than done Make a chart of your symptoms, how often they happen, how long does it last, etc. I will attach some examples of the ones I used. Go over them with the doctor and give the doctor a copy to place in your records be sure they sign and date it. It adds credibility that you are not making things up. Record your Q&A session with the doctor/specialist. Again have them sign off and date and place it in your file - their office can always make a copy and you keep the original.

TIP #3 Use help. EXAMPLE - If you say your have double/blurry/fuzzy vision have someone fill out the application on the computer. There is a spot for whoever assisted you or who prepared it for them to sign.

TIP#4 Be Patient. There are only a few circumstances when they will move(speed up) a hearing. Example for those who've been following my posts lately (wife is high risk pregnancy and been having trouble lately), it will be the judge's decision (not my attorney or any one else) to change the date. I asked the main office for my attorney and my attorney and that is what they told me. They also told me there are not set rules for delay or speed up the hearing.

TIP #5 Ask questions. IF you do not know ask. If you have to call SS, they will not tell you what to put , but they can guide you.

TIP #6 Keep copies of ALL materials related to your case. This includes medical records (as mentioned above), correspondence from anything related to your filing, symptom logs, your paper/electronic filing (print a copy if you have to), etc.

TIP #7 Let your doctor know you are filing, even if you do not have a good rapport with them. Your doctors notes are vital and if you blind side (do not tell) your doctor they probably will not have any idea as to what is going on and that could hurt you in the long run. Doctors support is good. They can word things to help you achieve your disability. I told my PCP from day 1 that applying for Disability was a condition of my LTD and I am pursuing it to have a good recovery and have potential to return to the workforce.

That is all I can think of at the moment. If you have more questions/concerns I will help you with them to the best of my ability. If you wish to keep it confidential you can message me (preferred and will respond within 48 hours) because I am not always on chat and this site is sometimes logged on when my kids use the computer..They do not touch this site though, usually webkinz, Barbie, or moshi monsters.

Sorry it is so long, but this is what formula I used and it worked for me. Sorry I can not guarentee your results.

have a pain free day/night if you can.


536-symptomconstellation.docx (31.8 KB) 537-SymptomsList.docx (31.5 KB)