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Worsened headaches?


Anyone get worse pressure with colds? I’ve been taking decongestants to no avail. My head is going to explode, I thought It was bad before :sob::sob:


I get a lot of pressure when its about to rain or storm … This is going to be my first year with this in the cold so I hope not but I most likely will… :cold_sweat:


@RKohmo how are you doing headache any better?


It’s hit and miss. I had a compound medication creme I had been using, and just realised it’s expired so have to wait for mail order script. And I can tell that it’s not working, getting headaches like before. So so days and bad days mostly. How are you?


Been ok but these last two days I can tell my headache is getting worse I had to call out of work today and I fall and broke my fingers so sometimes I just feel like giving up but I don’t know sorry… @RKohmo