Wooshing feeling

So recently I have begun to notice a wooshing in my head. It isn't in my ears, it's in my head, and it is the most noticeable when laying down with my head tilted to the right. It is very unnerving as it seems as though I am feeling a pulsing of fluid that is not congruent to my heartbeat. At first I would lay there quietly and observe, and now it almost makes me feel panicky. I feel like something is not right. My neuro seemed quite concerned about this and so she wants to see me tomorrow and also order an MRI and MRA.

In addition I am feeling more off balance than usual, and having extreme back of head and neck pain. In the AM when I awaken I can barely move my head, and then I get up and going and for most of the day I am ok, but then at night it returns.

I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with the wooshing thing and if so did you find out what it was?