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Wobbly feeling


every single day since the 2nd of November i have been feeling like im drunk, that blurry vision, forgetful memory kind of stuff.
im forgetting things, and i cant see properly. it feels like my memory is deteriorating. this is literally 24/7.
i just want to know if anyone has any recommendations on medication or therapies to stop this. i feel like im not actually here.



Hey Shavy,
There may well be treatments but I’d strongly recommend talking to your dr in regard to these as there can be a few variables, especially with medications. Some medications can have a strong interaction with other meds and this can exacerbate symptoms rather than relieve them, so professional advice is needed. Also talking to your pharmacist regarding meds is a good idea as they have specific training in drug interactions.
As for therapies, your GP may recommend seeing an optician and an audiologist as hearing can have a huge impact on balance issues. There are also treatments available to reorientate a persons balance, in the past I have seen a chiropractor who was of great assistance when I was having issues.
But again I’d strongly recommend you speak to your GP before attempting any of these suggestions. They will know of your history and which meds or treatments may be appropriate.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team