Wisconsin Chiari Center


Has anyone know or have gone to the Wisconsin Chiari Center ??

I have an Appointment in July 2012.

I am very nervous. Has anyone been on a plane while dealing with this any tips ???

Thank you so much for any help !!

Good Luck to everybody on the journey to recovery and finding help !!

God Bless

Hi, I had surgery there. I'm 3 months post-op. Dr. Heffez has always been very kind and caring to me. I live in the Milwaukee area, so I didn't fly. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Dear Ladybug:

I had recently had two surgeries with Dr. Heffez. I had to travel a long ways and go through much to get to this point today. Dr. Heffez is an expert and has been helping people from every state and around the world for many years. I was thoroughly impressed by his expertise and knowledge. My heart goes out to everyone on this site that is not properly being helped. I had been misdiagnosed years ago. Then had surgery several years ago, and thought I was in the right place. Kept going downhill, then I had to ask God for help and I had to take a leap of faith. I had found out about Dr. Heffez's website several years ago, but was nervous to go out of state.

Last year I was very ill, and finally contacted the Wisconsin Chiari center. I am so glad that I did.

I would encourage everyone to at least go to his website to really learn and understand more about Chiari and also that people can have other medical conditions with this. This is where Dr. Heffez is so important to work with. He actually has been helping people for 16 years. He really listens to his patients. http://www.wichiaricenter.org/ Dr. Heffez would like to be able to speak to more nuerosurgeons, if these nuerosurgeons were more open to listening. Hope something here might help you. God bless, Mary Lou