Why me, errrr, Why NOT me?

I know that all of us deal with the question of why me? How is it that I drew the short stick? Lately, I have been really focusing on finding answers to those very personal questions. I came up with an answer that shocked me.......

Why NOT me?

I am fiercely independent, stubborn, and bull-headed. I run full steam and I am not afraid to tackle life. I leap with both feet and ask questions later. God knew it would take something extraordinary to get my attention. For whatever reason, I needed to be still and be quiet. Now, I am not saying that I did anything to get this diagnosis or that I (or anyone else) deserves to have this. But Chiari does happen. So it has to happen to someone. So why NOT me?

Chiari is not for the faint of heart. You have to be able to handle numerous confusing symptoms, uneducated doctors, and prejudices because you 'look' healthy. You have to have the gumption to look this condition straight in the eye and smile. You have to be the one to be willing to stand up to it and fight for your own quality of life. After all, if Chiari were only given to wimps this community, research, treatments and advances would never be made.

Be proud, that you are one of the strong ones. You are helping fight for future. Know that there is this amazing strength within you. Next time you look in the mirror see what I am now seeing. A person courageous enough to get up everyday and fight for this brilliant journey we call life. You are a warrior fighting a battle that few will ever face. You are up for the challenge and I am glad you are fighting with me.

Thanks for being my comrades in illness. Thanks for being there for me when I falter. Thanks for reminding me of every reason I continue to put one foot in front of the other. Thanks for being a reason I smile. I am in good company and with you I am NEVER alone.


We sound a lot alike, I used to be that way, but I'm not gonna lie, Chiari and its symptoms and whatever invisible thing is wrong with me has brought me down SEVERAL notches in life.. I have had to slow WAY down over the past 6-7 years.. Each year I'm a little slower LOL.

Thank your for this post!! I really enjoyed reading it and I really kind of felt like I was reading about myself! I thought "how does this gal know so much about me"

Thank you!

Take Care


what a unique and different perspective. I love it and I will have to adjust to using this outlook. Why NOT me so true

These words just run around my head until they force me to give them voice. I really don't know where they come from, it just happens to me. But I am so glad to be able to share them especially if they help others. I can only say they they choose me and not the other way around. I will continue to share as long as they let me!

I hope all my friends are doing well tonight! :)

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

I really needed to read this this morning. Thank you SO much for putting this beautiful sentiment out here.