White Matter and Failed CSF Suppression

I've been dealing with problems for a while. I had my surgery, and it got better but it seemed like the surgery was a bandaid, just like pills. It only lasted about 6 months until the symptoms started to pound on, and affect my daily life again.

We recently went to an eye doctor because my right eye is blurry and hard to see. Which she determined she had no clue what was going on. So, she ordered an MRI of the Brain to see if anything bad was happening.
Some things came back that was like, I have no clue what this is.. Nothing really came back to explain my eye problems.

I've never had this on an MRI before, and I've had 14.

"Solitary punctate focus of long TR signal abnormality within the right subinsular white matter"


"Minor hyperintensity marginates the anterior horns of the lateral ventricles attributed to failed CSF suppression"

It's just really strange considering, I've never had this on my MRI before. Every MRI states, no hyperintensity noted or visible.
I was wondering if any of you had this on your reports before?
We are going to a neurologist, to have them explain it. But, they eye doctor doesn't want to discuss it with us because it isn't her place. I don't have a primary neurologist, because my last ones have let me go.
Please let me know!

Have you talked to your NS about it? I would run it by him while you are waiting to see a NL.

Maybe you should consider going to a neuro ophthalmologist. I’ll be seeing a neurologist later this month for my 6 month follow up but will be asking him to refer me to a neuro ophthalmologist, as I at times feel pressure behind my eyes. A regular eye doctor wouldn’t be able to perform the proper eye exams a nero specialist on this would. Hope you are able to get proper care. Many well wishes.

What medications are you taking?

Yes, Go to a neuro opto!!! Yes, call your NS and fax him the report!!

Hi I just read your post. I too have been having trouble with my right eye, blurry vision, and my July MRI showed white matter for the first time ever. I have been having scans for several years now this is the first time I have had vision problems with out a headache and the first time that white matter was detected. I asked my neurologist and he said don’t worry it’s insignificant but now I wonder if it’s not