Which symptoms are Chiari, which are not?

Hi everyone,

I am just beginning to learn about Chiari and wondering which of my symptoms are likely to be associated with ACM, and which are not. The neurologists and NS I saw this Spring didn't know anything. So I'm wondering, does anyone else on this board suffer from these problems, and if so, do you feel they are Chiari-related or caused by something else?

- Myoclonus (involuntary jerking and twitching movements of arms, legs, torso, etc.)

- Opsoclonus (involuntary eye movements)

- Auditory disturbances - hearing music out of tune, hearing my own voice sound like I'm speaking through a fan

- Episodic carpal tunnel and/or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome-like symptoms (swelling hands, numbness, loss of the use of one or both hands for several weeks, then it improves)

Does anyone have these issues? Or are there any symptoms you experience, which you aren't sure whether they're Chiari?

- Paula

Agreed: the first three may be Chiari. Also agree the TOS and carpal tunnel may be EDS. I have the hypermobility type EDS and carpal tunnel.

I do not have anything here to add…the folks that replied before me have already given you great resources…
I just wanted to ask you to please keep us updated on how you are making out …and please know that we are all here for one another and let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, frustrations ect…the gang here is tops…always here for one another and, my dear, that means you too!!

Thanks, everyone. Yes, I have these symptoms in addition to more typical Chiari symptoms like balance problems, headache and "brain fog." Just trying to understand what's going on - doctors don't seem to know much about this. I need to read more about EDS.