What to expect post surgery

How will I sleep. Up right in a recliner bed? Can I move around? Get dressed myself?

Sleep with pillows to prop up head - comfy ones you like

Go for frequent, short walk abouts around the house

Won't really feel like getting dressed right away, button up pyjamas and a zip up presentable robe are nice.

Lots of rest and don't rush back to work or caring for others and the house - will need to set up supports for those items

Start saving your money so finances do not push you back into work before you are ready

Good luck

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Depends on how soon after surgery. I got out of bed for the first time in the 3rd day, I think after I was moved out of the ICU and into the regular room. My surgeon helped me sit up for the first time and stand up. After that I got comfortable getting up and was able to move around with a walker. 5 days after surgery I was releced home and needed help from someone to walk around. Then I had to go back to the hospital for 10 more days and felt shaky, most likely from all the meds. I walked only to the toilet and with the walker. When I was releced home, the shakiness disappeared and I could move around on my own. It was hard to get dressed on my own for a month or so, I could sitting or lying in bed, but it was difficult. I also couldn't bathe on my own because of fatigue and imobility, so my mom helped. Now it's almost 1 and a half months post op and yesterday I showered on my own for the first time.

A lot will depend on how bad are your symptoms and how your body is going to take the stress of a surgery.

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Went to see the doctor for my 1 month post of appointment. I can drive if I do not take the narcotics. I have some pain it happens more when I do housework. You know the basics cleaning the bathroom etc. I take one room at a time one day at a time. I am OCD and I clean everything and every nook and cranny. I am so exhausted after and my neck hurts. I cannot go back to work I work with dogs at a doggie day care and I cannot go back to work for another month. I get so antsy and have a hard time resting. I am not in my 20’s anymore and I guess the older I get the longer I heal. I also have fibromyalgia and I take Lyrica and Flexeril and that does help with the good ole aches and pains. I was expecting my head and neck to not hurt so bad still. I have to patient and do my neck exercises. I hope my symptoms do not come back. I am nervous after reading on here and feel bad for the ones that have had to go back in for 2 or 3 surgeries. Still putting my head flat on a pillow is still painful and my poor neck gets stiff. Now that I had the surgery I don’t have Chiari anymore it is gone?

Try to take it easy. Don’t do more than you can. It is important you let your body heal properly. It takes time, but you have to be patient. It’s now 3 months post of for me and I’m still not doing any house work, besides washing dishes and sometimes heating up dinner.

The Chiari doesn’t go away, as far as I know. Your body is adjusted to it.

Get better soon! :slight_smile:


Thank you Fugu. Great to hear from you. I am still new to the support group and trying my best to figure it out. It is amazing to me with how many of us all around the world that have Chiari. I did my research about what it was as well. My friend has it and had her surgery 8-9 years ago and had the same NS

I am so grateful for your kind words and advice. I am so glad you have relief after the surgery. It is amazing on how much different I feel after the surgery and no more pain like I did before the surgery. It is amazing how tired I get and so hard to give in and listen to my body and rest. I know take it easy and let myself heal. It also amazes me that I have lived with Chiari my whole life with at 8 years old had paralysis and no doctor ever thought of having an MRI then. I had headaches that was treated as migraines and such. At 45 years old finally the doctors did something to find out what I have and did something about it.

I am so happy there are people like me and all of us so we aren’t alone and get the word out about Chiari for treatment early and find a cure

So glad to hear you are doing well after surgery!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am wishing you speedy recovery and best of luck!