What Should I think

Hi- so last week I was experiencing severe headaches and I woke up in the middle of the night because the pain was so bad. I woke up not able to move my head in any direction and it was just stuck in one place. Then a few days after that my friend was doing my hair and noticed that near the bottom of my head all across my head it was indented. I had a line she said that looked dark and is if I had stitches or got hit in the back of the head, which I did not. I didn't do anything to cause a dent in my head and I'm worried. I'm not sure what it is and if I should be worried. I do have Chiari malformation I, syringomyelia and scoliosis. Tomorrow I am suppose to see my nuero-surgeon for a second time and any tips for the appointment would help. Thanks.


Hi Celine, I wanted to check in with you and see how the appointment went? Were they able to determine the cause of the indentation?

The appointment went well the doctor said that he wanted to get another MRI to see if my cyriinx had enlarged. We talked about the possibility of having the surgery, but he said that if I do go through it might not even help. So now we are looking at pain management, but I don't know what to think about this and if it is the right choice. Also with the indentation on my head the nurse told me that everyone has this on them, but mine is very pronounced. For most people you cannot see it, but because of what I have it is just more noticeable.