What Now?

For the last two months, when that "monthly visitor" pays a visit, I get an extreme case of itchiness. I mean it is to the point where I break the skin. I made an appointment with my gyne and she checked my iron, TSH, and my ferritin, She said that when the liver is acting up, it can cause you to itch. I told her that the urge comes and goes, but it's always associated with my cycle.

I take 650 MG of iron because I have always known that I am iron anemic. I am so anemic that my ferritin level from my liver is a 5.3!!!!. (The normal range range is 6-137). At this point, I almost have no iron whatsoever stored in my liver. Iron is stored in the liver as ferritin and released as needed to make new red blood cells in the bone marrow. Whatever iron I eat as well as the supplements gets depleted during the monthly cycle. My vitamin D-3 is normal, magnesium is normal, TSH is a little on the low side. My vitamin B-12 is high. The doctor recommended either the ablation or the IUD

After the next monthly cycle, I will have an endomentrial ablation. Hopefully this will stop me from bottoming out when it comes to the iron. And the excruciating pain.

It's a good thing that I am getting this taken care of BEFORE the surgery.

Now is this the Chiari, the EDS, or the Dysautonomia, or something completely separate?

Nykki I don’t know which one its related to if at all, but glad it’s being taken care of before surgery.

Personally i think it is something else but i did want to ask if you take vitamin c with your iron as it helps your body absorb the iron.

If your ferritin level is only a 5.3, I would recommend that you see a hematologist. A Hematologist treats blood disorders and it sounds like you have a severe case of anemia. It would seem far more helpful to treat the underlying cause of anemia, which can be any number of things, but not likely the Chiari or EDS, although the EDS can cause itching and rashes. Anemia itself is a symptom on an underlying condition. It doesn't usually "stand-alone." It would be best if your hematologist would coordinate with your OB/Gyn! That way you don't have to repeat testing and/or coordinate with your cycles and that type of thing! Definitely a good thing you're working on it now!!!