What medications do you take for your symptoms?

Just curious what everyone takes for their symptoms?

I have tried 10 different migraine meds and none worked so I have lortab for those and percocets for the extremely painful ones after visiting immediate care once a month for a shot of Nubian.

I also take flexoril but it hasn’t been touching the back pain I have. My back feels numb tingly or like it’s on fire and every day come 4-6:00 I am just miserable. It’s been this way for months tho, long before I found out I have chiari.

And I just switched from Xanax to kolonopin for my anxiety. Although I only take this at night to shut my thinking off. But it isn’t working as well either and my doctor doesn’t like to go above 1mg dosage soo I am stuck.

My main complaint are the migraines and my back/neck/shoulder every day.

Never heard of it before but sure sounds amazing! Lol I will google and see where I can find it! Ill try anything at this point!


Emmaline said:

Have you heard of Arnica cream? It's homeopathic, and does not interfere with regular meds, so it's great to add to the mix. I rub it on my neck when it feels strained or painful. It works really well when I sleep wrong and wake up with a crick in my neck.

It was awesome after surgery, I rubbed it in 2x a day with great healing results. Now use it for bruising, muscle cramps, and pain. You can also get tablets for more coverage. And no drug interactions!

It may work really well for you on and around your neck.

Cymbalta - headache/head pain

Carisoprodol - muscle spasms

Oxycodone - pain all over

Gabapenten - nerve pain (had to stop this one because it made me fall asleep while driving!)

Lidocane patches - nerve pain

Tried Topamax but it made me loopy!

I have to drive because of my kids (special needs)!

I have had 2 rhyzotomys where they go in and burn the nerves and that has not worked. It made the headaches worse and did not take away the nerve/neck pain. I have a 13 mm herniation and had decompression surgery 2 years ago.

Topomax (it doesn’t make me loopy). Although I’m naturally a loopy person for nerve pain and I really don’t think it works but you have to give a drug three months to take effect maybe (but I expected to get meds and be all perfect again lol)
Hydrcodon I take as needed I prescribed other drugs but don’t take them I don’t like anything with “line” on the back end but that’s just me I’m a control freak and don’t like any kind of “loopy” feeling or out of control feeling so if if a drug gives me that sluggish feeling I won’t take it. Ill just refuse and tell the dr to figure something else out they do and I always try to never to be on more than two drugs at at a time

I really don't take much medicine. I can't take pain meds because I have really bad gastritis and they hurt my stomach too bad. I use the Arnica gel for muscle pain and fatigue. I'm prescribed Neurontin for nerve pain but I rarely take it. I only take it when I'm in pain and want to go to sleep. I try to find natural things that help inflammation.

Fioricet (this is one of the brand names for Bultabital that Sydney mentioned above) with Codeine is all I have found to work. I have to take at just the right time though otherwise it doesn't touch the pain. I'm supposed to take 2 but that sends me loopy, so I only do that if pain is higher than an 8. I also take one preemptively if I know I'm going to be doing something to cause pain - like this weekend before I went to the hair salon.

Good luck finding something that works for you.

I take Baclofen, Lyrica, Tramadol and Amitriptyline. I have spent the last several years weaning myself off all the other meds I was taking. I’ve tried (and dumped) lamictal, Neurontin,Cataflam and many many others throughout the year. I won’t take anti-anxiety agents or narcotic pain pills because I sleep my life away. I want to take just enough medication to make my symptoms bearable without knocking me out. It is a hard balance but I have to learn how to have the richest and most fulfilling life I can with the cards I was dealt. Also, I was told medicinal marijuana can help with neuropathic pain so I’ve just started testing that out as well. I just want to be able to get through the day with as few meds on board as possible. I want to be awake to live my life.

I take topamax to help with my headaches and migraines. Migrainal with I have a really bad migraine. Remeron for headaches. Percocet for when i have bad pain. Icy hot to rub on my neck to help with the aches.

Hey SomethingWitty! I am not a fan of narcotics. So luckily I have a relatively high pain tolerance. So I researched a bit for some natural herbals to help. I do take a couple pharmaceuticals, but I'm trying to keep that at a minimum. Here is my list:

Headaches: ButterBur or Everfew

Nausea: Ginger root

Nerve Pain: Neurontin

The butterbur doesn't completely eliminate them, but I went from headaches constantly, to maybe one day a week. :-)

Hi, Ive found it hard to get my GP to prescribe anything strong. people just dont understand how bad the pain is.

I take:

tramadol-for the headaches, 1-2 times a day at most.

Naproxen- 2 times a day-pain

Lamotrigine- 2 times a day-pain and seizures

Paracetamol-when required-pain.

Sometimes nothing works, sometimes just weak simple pain meds help. I just wish my GP would take my condition and pain seriously and prescribe something stronger for when ive tried everything and in agony.