What is a Blog

I have been encouraged by many people here and some others to write a blog. I would almost agree but I do not know what is a blog or how does one write a blog.

Any info or help would be great

Michael, a blog is something that you can write about what is going on. Kinda like an online journal for everyone to read. I read many before my surgery and it was nice to be able to read about everything that everyone else was feeling and going through. I have no idea where you would go to to set it up though. Good luck, I am sure one of these other wonderful people will be able to help ya!



I wish I had the info on how to start a blog, but I don't. I just wanted to encourage you to do this! You would be an amazing blogger!! With your wonderful writing skills and experiences you would help a lot of people! I also think it would be such an emotional release for you as well. I'll see if I can help research and find anything to help you....in the meantime Good Luck!


Hey Michael,

You just click on the Blog Button at top & then click on add, just like you do when you add a discussion & name your Blog topic & start writting. I also think you would be a really great blogger.

Hi Michael,

Tracy is right they have a nice blog feature here. But I must admit that I am not familiar with the features.

Or you can find outside sites like Blogger or Wordpress where you have more freedom for customization. With the outside sites you can control who reads it, you can add plenty of external widgits to see who is visiting your blog, there is great freedom to add photos/videos, etc. I have blogged for years on Blogger and I find it's a great place to sort my thoughts out so that I can keep things in perspective. There have been times that the only person who read it was my sister and that was ok.... for me its cathartic.

There are plenty of great bloggers here at chiari support that would probably be willing to lend a hand getting you started.

I say "Go For It!" but then again I am biased because I would love to have you join us in the blogging community! :D

Basically an online journal/diary. Write whatever you'd like. Some people write specifically for others to read. And others write just for themselves.