What disability is chiari categorized as?

Where do I start getting our son "labeled" as disabled, or whatever the correct terminology is...now for help with medical bills, but more importantly for later in his life, incase he is unable to go to work sometimes. THANKS!

Its a brain malformation. The only thing I can suggest is talking to your doctor and possibly getting the ball rolling on actually getting "disability" benefits. How old is your son? what type of chiari has he been diagnosed with? I was diagnosed with type 2 and had to apply for disability at my local social security office. If denied you would have the chance to appeal, if denied again than a lawyer would come in handy, one who specializes in disability cases. Most lawyers will not charge until the case is settled and than would take their cut out of your settlement, if you win the case. (Free if you don't win) Hope this helps a bit....Stay positive, but surely talk to your sons' doctor with your concern, he will have to file some paperwork on your sons behalf anyhow.... DC from Chicago

Most lawyers don't charge but you have to pay for them to get the medical records from all the Doctors treating the patient . I think doctors offices charge about $20 for the first 20 pages then some amount per page after that. A good lawyer will explain that to you.

When I got my disability determination it was classified as a "neurological disorder impacting the ability for work and function". Not sure if it would have the same classification for a minor but I would still apply and if you are denied then appeal. I've heard of it taking a couple appeals but in my case because the condition was directly related to loosing a job I didn't have to go through that.

Either way, Best of luck!

Funny. Mine was labeled as "other cerebral degenerations". Sure hope my cerebrum isn't degenerating! I didn't argue about it, as at least I was receiving the income. In my case, I had to be personally interviewed about why I can't work. I told them the truth: that I can't sit up for four consecutive hours without passing out. They prefer objective information that you can see over subjective information such as pain. I've heard of many people's applications being denied when they only submitted subjective information. The reason is because SS can and does argue that you're exaggerating just so you won't have to work. Objective, visible information cannot be argued with. I listed my three skull surgeries too, as the fact that you've had skull surgery can't be debated. Focus on things they can't debate. As for the amount of income he will qualify for, not having worked in the past is a bit unusual. SS determines SSDI based on your past earnings. I don't know how they handle children. I'm sure if you called your social security office they'd tell you how children's claims are handled. Good luck.

Not sure I was being clear about objective and subjective information. Subjective reasons he couldn't work might include pain, numbness and tingling, fatigue, poor concentration ect. All of those things can be debated. Objective reasons might include (if they're true in his case) the fact that he can't go to school, that he's in a wheelchair, that part of his body is paralyzed, that he passes out, that he can't move his neck (true if he's had laminectomies with a fusion), that he can't walk due to imbalane, that he's lost too much vision or sees double (verified by an eye doctor) ect. I think you get my idea now. The objective reasons can't be debated, so disability income cannot be denied.