Well, Well, Well

I just got a call from Dr. Mark Luciano's office from Cleveland Clinic. He has read my medical records and MRI reports from my neurologists and the consulting neurosurgeon I saw on the dates of 3/12, 4/9, 6/24 & 9/17. He originally set my appointment for Apri 28, 2015. His nurse just called and said that he wants to see me on February 2, 2015

I am happy, excited, anxious, nervous, and scared, s***less. The fact that he bumped up my appointment three months means that it must be serious and that it can't wait until April. Uggghhh

Take care,


Great Nykki! Glad to know that all your perseverance is finally paying off! Haven't been on in a while, so I hadn't seen everything that's been going on, but I am so happy for you!!! :-)

That's good news. I travel to Cleveland Clinic for most of my appointments.

We're getting thru one day at a time, Nykki. Had my second round of Botox shots on the 4th of November, but it's still not helping out all that much. I have my Neurology follow-up scheduled for next month, so hopefully we can discuss other treatment options. Insurance isn't too much of an issue, since I'm medically retired. Right now, it's just a matter of figuring out what to do next. If they keep dodging around the issue, I just might demand a referral to the Chiari Center in Aurora.

My hubby had to drop out of his classes this semester, because the stress was causing problems with his health. He's hoping to take classes again next semester, but with a lighter load.

I was at Cleveland clinic yesterday long day its 8 hrs round trip for me. It is big but there is always someone to ask for assistance.