Welcome Wendy!

Hi @Missingout,

Welcome to our network! I noticed that you still have not got a diagnosis that matches your symptoms yet, that really sucks. Even though you might not end up with the same cause of symptoms as what our fellow members have, you still belong here and we are glad you are here! Our members can still share symptoms, coping mechanisms, or even just complain about them! I hope that you get nice and comfortable here, to start out you can write an introduction to yourself. You could also explore our members instead! If you find a member you are interested in, you can click on their avatar, then click the bigger avatar and read all about them in their profile!!

Reach out to me if you need anything at all,

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I hope you can find some help here, I have, Welcome to our group discussions Wendy. Sending positive vibes your way. CBD rub, put on the neck or forehead, doesn’t take away my headaches, but it indeed, does help. Certain smells help also, with essential oils in my diffuser, shutting off all distractions. I also have a box, to put all our cellular items in there, so there is no Radio Waves flowing through my home at all times. Have a blessed weekend
Jenny :innocent: