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Welcome @pilotgirl,

As you all you know or may have read, we updated our site to have a new look! Most everything is same but a few buttons have changed! For instance, the “New Topic” button is now a plus (+) sign that is now permanently in the bottom right corner when you are in general discussion. Also, the site used to open a new tab automatically if you clicked on one of the buttons in the top ribbon, now it does not!! That is a huge relief to me (I used to end up with 20+ tabs while I was looking at new members and new threads).

Anyhow, a warm welcome to @pilotgirl, as the name suggests she used to be a pilot before she was diagnosed! I would love to hear more about your time as a pilot, what was your favorite aircraft or flight? How do you pursue your passion now? Click on that button in the lower right-hand corner or reply to this post!!

As always, you can always reach out to me if you need anything, especially now that the interface has a new look. Let me know how you like it!


Thank you for the welcome. I’ve flown two planes: a Cessna and a Diamond

Both planes had their perks; I loved the low-wing visibility of the Diamond and the joystick style steering. But the old Cessna was so reliable and hardy that it would be my favorite.

I no longer pursue flight because of lingering chiari symptoms, but I still love it! The view from the sky is unbeatable.

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