Welcome Taylor!

Hi @taylormackenzie,

I am glad that you found us! Your situation right now seems very scary and stressful. We will do our best to understand your feelings and situation. Your feelings are valid and your situation is scary.
I do not have much experience with employers and how they handle employees that are very sick, but I am sure some of our members do! If anyone does have experience with that, please let us know! I am glad that you were able to start getting the healthcare that you need as well as get connected with a neurosuergon so quickly! Have you brought up any employment problems with them? They may be able to help in some way.

Please reach out if you need anything, either by private messaging me or jut by posting!


no i haven’t brought up anything to my team of doctors yet. i have an appointment with one of my neurosurgeons on monday, then i have surgery on November 30th & postop checks all week… i’m so anxious with all of this going on.

I would definitely recommend that you talk with the doctors, or have them recommend them to somebody else who will be experienced with those work-related issues! They will be able to point you in the right direction.

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