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Welcome Erin!



Welcome to Ben’s Friends Erin! October is my favorite month too - the weather is perfect and people really get into the fall spirit. For some reason i also really love Halloween even though I rarely dress up or get involved in the festivities.

I took a look at your profile, and the 25 years of misdiagnosis really caught my eye. It must have been both frustrating and a big relief to find out that you were wrongfully diagnosed. Since you are concerned that you have Chiari, I would encourage you to take a look at some of the threads on this forum. Even though you shouldn’t self diagnose, looking at other people’s experiences with Chiari can give you insight into the condition and maybe give you something to talk about with your doctor.

Get involved in the discussion, ask questions and start threads even if you just want to get something off of your chest.

Once again, welcome to Ben’s Friends Erin!


Thank-you. Definitely not self diagnosing but definitely a concern. I have an appointment with a neurologist this week at the suggestion of my current family doctor. Drs make me nervous and I generally talk like a fool so I am hoping all goes well.

Thank-you for the welcome.