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Welcome @Emcbain4



Welcome to Ben’s Friends Emily! It’s rare to find a fellow Ontarian on this forum (I’m from Toronto and currently attend university there).

From your profile, it seems like you’re going through alot. You need help understanding the symptoms of Chiari and just how to deal with it. Without your family nearby, you don’t have much of a support network, so it is a great thing that you joined this forum.

You will find that many patients have gone through a similar process of not knowing what is going on - the doctor says one thing and all the symptoms may point to something else. It leaves you feeling like you’re in the dark.

Please, take this opportunity to get involved in the discussion and ask any questions that you may have. The experiences that some people have gone through here may be invaluable.

Once again, welcome to Ben’s Friends Emily.



Thanks so much for responding to my profile. I really am going through alot, and I am glad to see another Ontarian on this forum as well, as most people I notice are out of the Country! I am noticing alot of people here have doctors tell them one thing, and their symptoms point to another. I just saw my neurosurgeon recently and he is sending my for fluid tests on my spine, but he also feels as though my symptoms might point more to trauma than to Chiari, which to me, doesn’t make sense as I have been suffering like this since the first whiplash injury.

I see you attend U of T. I actually work 5 hours away, promoting alot of U of T programming and register students in their online courses regularly. It is unfortunate that I suffer with pain and injuries this much, as my employment position is very much in the public and alot of public relations. However, I am praying and hoping we can find a way to at least mask my symptoms in the mean time… Any suggestions?