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Weird symptoms after CM Decompression Surgery on 10-16-15


My name is Tiffany. I had CM surgery on Oct. 16 2015. Ive been experiencing weird symptoms after the surgery.

First off before my surgery It was normal for my suger to be low around 65 to 73. After my surgery I check my sugar in the moring before breakfast and its around 96 to 105 after breakfast its around 120 to 150. Now I have been on Metformin which is used for diabetes for a few years now but its not for diabetes its for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Ive never had problems with my surgar like this before. Its only started after my surgery.

Second I dont really know how to explain it but Ive been hearing like a crackling noise on my left of neck when i am laying down sometimes when im up to. And where the incision is ive been hearing like a drip or kind of popping noise on or around the incision.

Third, my incision has all of a sudden started to sting like. Its never done this at all.

Fourth, At the bottom of my incision on either side next to the incision there are almost pea size hard knots. They have got a little bigger but now there staying the same. When i push on them they hurt. Sometimes they hurt with out doing anything. They wasnt there before. The doc did tell me that they did not have to remove the C1 vertibra because it was not fused all the way together, that when it does that its a deformaty from birth.

Fifth, Has anyone heard of Budd Chiari. Its clots in the liver veins.

Has anyone ever had any of these things or something similar happen?


Hi Purplestar,

I haven't had decompression surgery. I am diabetic, but I wasn't on metformin when I started feeling crackling and rubbery friction noises in my head. When my sugars are better controlled, I don't hear those noises as much. I hope you feel better soon.


Hi, i had the surgery back in January and I’m still suffering from things. It’s going to take time but most importantly if you second guess ANYTHING call you neurosurgeon. The ears I heard a ringing sound, dripping I would bring it to my neurosurgeons attn. I ended up having a spinal tap along with a VP Shunt placed in cause the fluid was not draining. The knots I have 1 big one, they say it’s where they stretched everything and the fatty tissue. Nothing to worry about but like I said, everyone’s case is different. For instance my vision now is a 20/200 some people it doesn’t effect there vision. You still have a long road ahead of you, it’s just all in how you body accepts it. Hopefully this helps apologies if not.