Weakness Questions?

I have read that Chiari can cause weakness.. I'm just wondering what kind of weakness symptoms some of you experience?

I have noticed it in my legs, and my hands lately.. I couldn't open a package of crackers yesterday because of it..

It feels a lot like when your hand or foot goes to sleep, and after the tingling goes away it kind of tickles a little when you try to use to numb limb..

It is very discouraging. 23 years old, and feeling like I'm 80..

I got so frustrated this morning when I couldn't open my coke :/

I haven't gotten to that point, and I hope I never do.

I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I haven't gotten that kind of weakness yet, but the exhaustion I know..

I tried to take my daughter to the park on Sunday. It took everything I had to stand up for more than 5 minutes. I felt so defeated. She's 3, and I can't even play with her anymore.

Yup.............dam the weakness.This whole freakin thing zaps our strength and has the nerve to make us weak to!!!! Sometimes it takes everything I have to hold my head up.I feel so bad for you guys that have young kids.Thank god mine are grown.On my bad days I have weakness in my neck,arms,hands and sometimes my legs.

This whole experience with Chiari has intrigued me.. I never realized it could have this kind of effect on the body..

I have that thing that Pampered chef makes to help open jars. I can’t even open a jar of pickles. Grrrrr!

I have heaviness in my shoulder and arms. Sometimes my arm and leg get so weak I can barely walk or pick things up. I have all my problems with my right side which is the side I use most often such as being right handed. I also have tingling and pin like sticks in my face, neck, arms, legs, and fingers. I feel like I'll eventually lose my feeling and it won't return. So I can relate with your concerns and thank you for sharing