Chiari Online Support Group

We are here for you!

Welcome to the community @alis,

To repeat my topic name, we are here for you, all of us. We all are here to empathize, share our issues, and hear from others just like us. When I read your profile it stood out how fast everything started to happen for you, it is ok to be scared.
We would love to hear about your struggle with CM and your emotional journey! We tend to not share our emotional journeys very often anymore. Maybe it is for fear of other’s pity, or because if we seem emotional, we might not be believed. This is somewhere that we can and should share those things! If you are comfortable, you can click on the “New topics” button and share all your fears, frustrations, and anxieties with us! To the other members of our community: If you have a story about your emotional struggles, we’d love to hear about it! We have a category for posts about emotional journeys so pop over there too!