Way off topic i am sorry

I am sorry about this but we are running out of time and Memorial day is coming quick and we need something done and us Veterans and military need alittle help. I saw this story today on the news and it brought me to tears. I have it posted on all of my Veteran and Navy pages and we are in the process of 'bombing' the city hall to try to change the city halls mind concerning this but the more calls the better usually. If I can have ya'll's help that would be great. Here's the post that I have up on all of the pages I belong to along with the phone number to city hall and the link to the news story... Thank you guys. I do not take my military family lightly.

http://www.fox17.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/wztv_vid_12173.shtml We have work to do guys and not alot of time to get 'er done!!!! We have a young hero who lost his dad in the line of duty and the city refuses to honor him on Memorial Day!!!! City Hall States,"only active duty military members qualify for a banner". We need to help this young hero out guys who is trying to honor his dad and our brother!!!! 931-■■■■■■■■ Local Number
888.774.8988 Let the 'bombing' of City Hall phones begin and get 'er done for this hero!!

thank you for the post and the links and phone numbers