Watery eyes

Does anyone else have a problem with eyes watering? And when I lay down it is worse.

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Hey, Lawrence, Yes, watery eyes is one of my continuing Chiari torments. Often, my watery eyes alternates with extremely dry eyes as well. This is something that’s going to happen if there is damage to your brain stem - since the brain stem is in charge of everything ‘automatic’ - things you don’t have to think about doing. (like intenstinal movement, cardiac and pulmonary action, pupil constriction, sweating and shivering, etc…) Therefore, I have problems with all my automatic actions, since my brain stem got a permanent ‘squish’ from the Chiaris. Some days are worse than others. On my bad days, I have to have a tissue close by all the time and sop up the tears. I did have lasik eye surgery on one eye. Therefore, that eye doesn’t tear as much. Lasik eye surgery does dry out your eyes. So - when I get the ‘dry-eye’ spells, the Lasik eye gets so super dry, I can hardly close my lids.

Yes sir, mind water so bad I bought a softer eye cover, to wear to bed, to soak up the tears.

I’m so glad you asked this question. I was worried something was going on with my eyes. I just asked my eye doctor at my last appointment. I’ve never seen any mention of this as a side effect, so I didn’t even think about Chiari.