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Waiting time experiences from seeing Neurosurgeon to Surgery? And symptom improvements?


Hey, just wondered what peoples waiting time experiences were from having a consult with neurosurgeon to surgery date.

I’m based in the UK, and also, how soon did you return to work post-surgery? Did all your symptoms improve including head pressure/headaches/dizziness/double&blurred vision/brain fog/memory/cognitive functioning?

Thank you xxxx


Hey Robin,
Your question regarding consult to surgery can be very dependant on the surgeon, some may take a ‘wait and watch’ approach, some may prefer to treat
“how soon did you return to work post-surgery?” Too soon. I pushed myself to return to work 2weeks after the first surgery. And I did return but I pushed too hard, too soon doing my self a major injury requiring further surgery. I have required a few surgeries (6 so far, with another coming up) No two have been the same in neither symptoms, treatment nor recovery, so trying to compare is near on impossible.

Did all your symptoms improve including head pressure/headaches/dizziness/double & blurred vision/brain fog/memory/cognitive functioning? Some symptoms-yes, other symptoms-no. My vision has improved somewhat, but everything else from your question has been highly variable and fluctuates severely, apart from the ever present Headaches-NO!! they have not improved.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thank you Merl xxx