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Visual disoriented


Hi all. I was diagnosed with chiari in November 2018.
It all started with dizziness, headaches, vomiting, loss of appitite, neck pain. It all came on in one day and left me bed bound for weeks. Doctors diagnosed me with basilar migraine but sent me for and mri for my own reassurance. I’ve got 10mm with no blockage in flow.
I currently take amitriptyline and pregabalin.
The headaches have got a lot better and are few and far between. My neck still hurts like my glands are up and stabbing pain in base of skull but my symptom that is stopping me from functioning is the visual problems. It’s hard to describe.
So if I have the subtitles on the tv I can’t read or understand what I’m looking at. If I look at a persons face I can’t see their whole face, only one feature at a time. It feels like my head is full of cotton wool as well and it exhausts me.
Anyone else have this?

I’m fighting to get seen by a neurosurgeon but my doctors are being difficult and I’m not getting anywhere. I’m in the UK so rely on referrals.


I understand how frustrating this must be for you. I also suffer with visual disturbances with both blurred and double vision and I seem to now have constant brain fog and dizziness too; simple tasks seem to take twice as long to complete as I am now slow at ‘connecting the dots’ if that makes sense! The UK waiting times do seem to take ages, I am currently awaiting neurosurgery review and the results from my csf flow MRI. I am sorry I can’t give you any help or advice, my chiari diagnosis is very new to me & I don’t have any tips. But I really hope you get referred soon and hope you get some help with the visual disturbances, as they are such a frustrating symptom xxx