Vision Issues Post Surgery?

I'm 8 weeks post surgery and have had some blurriness/double vsion in my right only which lead to some headaches. I've been wearing an eyepatch which has helped with the vision and the headaches have gone away. Wondering if anyone else has had any vision issues? I've contacted my NS office, and the NP said she hadn't heard of this before but was going to speak with my NS.

Hmm. How would you describe the headaches that come with or after the vision problems? Are they on one side of your head? If so, which side? On top of your head? down near your neck? (asking everything for a reason) Does your vision ever black out? Any lightning like streaks? Anything that looks like heat waves?

On another route, did you have your dura cut during your surgery? Have you had an MRI since the surgery?

You could be having ocular migraines (first set of questions) or compression of the occipital lobe of your brain where vision is processed.

I'm just a lowly optometrist, NOT a neurologist or NS, but it seems you must have one or the other going on- to me anyway.