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Very much needed update!


I haven’t signed on in over a year, I’m surprised I’m still able too! Anyways, life as been amazzzingg!! My kids are now 12 and 6, I just recently turned 30 on April 28th, but I don’t look it at all consider I’m only 4’9" :slight_smile: I’ve had my current job for over 2 years now and I absolutely love it! As for Jeremy, I still haven’t divorced him yet, yes, I know I need too but he’s currently serving 6 years with another 9 on top of it for what he done to his daughter and myself, so we are finally living normally! Life can not be any better, as for the migraines and headaches, blurry vision… Ugh, the blurry vision I’ll have to live with, which sucks considering my job requires alot of driving, I gave up on the NL, I was sick of being reminded of the situation, so Im going without medicines and have been for months now, in February 2016 I got the Daith piercing and oh my gosh, I love it!! I haven’t noticed any migraines, just slight headaches which I’m guessing are from every day life with kids and my job! I also had a hysterectomy back in 2014 which was the best decision ever for that matter, I dropped so much weight after my hormones got back to normal :slight_smile: Now if I could get my ADGD under control, I’ll be in good shape! I hope everyone is doing great and I’ll try my hardest to sign back on sooner!!