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Put a call into the doctor asking if I should still be driving or working after having massive headaches and tunnel vission for days. My surgery is at the end of the month, I an Occupational Thoolerapist Assistant at 3 schools. I have been trying to make it through the rest of year but it is getting harder. I having been having lots of headache but the tunnel vission is hard to deal with. Yesterday, I tough it out at work by hugging the walls or closing my eyes while I walked. I made a lot of people nervous because I turned a few shades of gray. Today, I bearly made it down the stairs. I stayed home and haven't moved very much, just waiting to here back from the doctor.

Hi, grandmother.

How're you doing today? Have you heard from your doctor yet?


Today is a little better,after spending three days in bed/couch.I still feel week but more like myself. I “put myself in time out” (no driving, work) I think this has helped me feel more “normal”. I finally herd back late Friday and I should be getting my note for work. I will put a call into work as a follow-up because this nurse lost my paper work which pushed back my surgery date.
Thanks for asking