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Vegan plant based diet


Looking for anyone trying plant-based diet. It is known to reduce inflammation… certainly not a cure but could help. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Sankirk, near the upper right, just to the left of your avatar, is a magnifying glass. Clicking on it will let you do a search. When I searched “vegan”, I got several discussions which might be leads for you. (I also got lots of hits because of “Vegas”, which isn’t the same at all, LOL).

If you join in on any of those conversations, the people already on the thread will get notified of your post. That may bring some answers. The other thing that you can do is click on the avatar of someone who has posted about the topic, and then click on the “message” button. Then you can send them a private message.

Hope this helps.

Seenie from ModSupport


Thank you so much.


I’ve been vegan since July, was diagnosed in June. So far, no surgery. Still working, hoping I never need the surgery.