I am 11 months post-op. I am pretty much recovered, still have a day here and there with some pain (nothing like before surgery!). I know we have some limitations to things we do. I was told not to bungee jump, sky dive, or ride roller coasters (not that i have any desire to do any of those things!). Question is, what about water slides? Nothing extreme, just regular fun slides. Maybe i should add that my husband has a side by side off road vehicle. We go riding, nothing too rough or fast, and i come home in pain for 2 days. What would you recommend?

Hey! Glad you get a vacation. I can go on a ride like the flume so I think I could do a water slide as long as there wasn't a big drop at the end. We are all different so it really is a personal call. Hate to say go for it and then try one ride and find you wasted your money.....I'll go all out with my family sometimes knowing I'll pay for it it worth? only you can say. Hope whatever you find to do you have a super time!

Great Question. I was told no diving or SCUBA diving or any amusement park rides, especially roller coasters. I always stick with the Lazy River & Wave Pool.

Im 30 n I had surgery in August, so almost a year. I just started acupuncture to treat spinal pain and help heal my neck. What a relief. They can work on so many issues. If you haven’t done it after some of the rougher days we can have, you should. No cold drinks either. I learned a lot about diet with my acupuncturist. She is dr. / monk very educated it’s not religious at all. Just natural healing. It matters who you get too. I feel I’m a lil behind on healing. I have bad headaches n dizzy still. I’m getting looked at for recurrent chiari next week. Have a fun summer

I’m glad you asked this!! I’m 6 weeks post op tomorrow and this July we are taking my soon to be 5 year old to Disney world and water parks for her bday. Usually I am the “fun” parent that goes on all the rides with her. And oh my god just try and stop me at the water park!! I am 100% a kid at heart. Roller coasters I knew I would have to give up… But I’d never considered water parks! I guess I’ll be putting a call in to my NS in a few weeks… I hope there is something there you can do without hurting yourself… Good luck and try to have fun either way!

The only restrictions I was given I
are no roller coasters or contact sports. I miss roller coasters but not enough to chance it. I really didn’t have to worry about contact sports.
last summer we vacationed in Yellowstone and I choose to not zip line. I figure I know my body and what I can and can not chance.
Have fun on vacation!

I was told to stay away from things of that nature. Anything that "jars" the head or neck is a "no,no". Anything that has the potential to jar the neck is a "no,no". (that is what they told me anyway). But it could be because I had my surgery in 2007 and I still am very symptomatic. I still have constant headaches, neck and back pain. The best advice is to check with your neurosurgeon.

Tracie D.