Upright CINE MRI

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with getting an upright CINE MRI. I had a supine CINE done and my results said my CSF flow was only mildly attenuated. I've often wondered if there could be differences in the CSF flow disruptions when laying down versus standing up. I wonder this because my symptoms seem to affect me the most when in an upright position. I've read a few things online saying that getting a CINE done upright could affect the results, but I also think that if it made a big enough of a difference that neurologists and neurosurgeons would be mindful of that distinction. Has anyone ever talked to their doctor about getting an upright CINE or whether the position can change the flow of CSF? Thanks! :)

That would be great. I had the supine cine flow done and my CFS was “not significantly blocked” but the decompression made a world of difference to me.

Thanks for your replies! I know that a lot of people had normal CINEs but still got relief from surgery, so that's a good point! I've been trying to find something definite about whether or not differences in position could cause a change in how blocked CSF flow is but I haven't found anything too definitive yet.

Thanks again! :)