Update to my condition and new symptoms

I joined this site in February because I thought I might have Chiari because of some self research I did and by matching up my symptoms with symptoms characteristic of people with Chiari. So, I saw the neurologist on March 1st and he said I had Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Since then I have gotten much worse. My body about 2 months began to shake a lot and it feels like my muscles are wilting away. The beta blocker my doc put me on for heart palpitations has caused a terrible case of acid reflux which has caused multiple bumps under the skin to form around the heart and it feels like the pain around my heart is moving to my arm. Anyway, a new symptom I began experiencing a couple of days ago was a part of my spine has moved up my neck and left a little gap in between bones in my spinal cord. That sounds like a pretty classic symptom of Chiari to me. Also, my back is always extremely stiff. Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm turning 21. I'm going to call my doctor in the morning and see if he can see me. I can already tell tomorrow will not be a fun day.


Alot of us have been told over the years that "It's all in our heads" It is but not in the way they mean it. Lots of us have heart palpitations that come and go. I tend to get a few when the barometric pressure lowers during rain it increases the pressure in our bodies causing our symptoms to worsen. I usually get a headache too. Have you had an MRI? If not that is the only way to say for sure if it's Chiari. Happy Birthday a day early. 21 is a big one I hope you have some fun and you feel better for your big day.



How are you doing?? Did you contact your doctor?? How did you make out??

Keep us posted.