Update on surgery 6/17

I am home now which has its ups and down. Find it hard to get comfortable in my own bed. I do miss the hospital adjustable bed made this a little bit easier. But over all glad to be home. In some pain will write more later.

Hey DannieRae! I’m glad to hear your at home. It is hard to get comfortable I’m almost 3wks post op and I get irritated trying to find a comfy position. Emmaline is so right I got a wedge pillow due to her suggestion after my surgery and it does wonders! I also use one of those small happi neck pillows at the same time that will hug and support your neck it’s very adjustable. It’s basically one of those little half circle pillows that people use when they fly. Speedy recovery to you rest while you heal and take care!

I'm glad you are home! Wedge pillows are great...also if you have a recliner you might find that more comfortable than your bed for awhile! I wish you a speedy recovery! :)