Update on MRI and decompression surgery

Hello everyone it’s been a little while since I’ve updated so here we go! I got my mri and venogram of my brain results back and my NS said that besides my severe chiari everything else looked good. You know how it is when you’re waiting for these test results and you pray that they don’t see anything else. He wanted to make sure there wasn’t any other type of obstruction going on. I do have blocked csf and pressure on my brain stem and spinal cord. So my NS cleared me for surgery now I have a preop apt this Tuesday. My symptoms have been getting worse and I am actually ready to have the decompression. I would never think I would actually want to hurry up and have surgery but I’m just ready to have some relief! The NS said that he feels like I will have some relief with this surgery but of course since were all different we won’t know exactly which ones. The head pressure, confusion, body pain, dizziness along with the headaches and nausea… can all hit the road lol! So after this appt this Tuesday I will be scheduled for surgery. Although I am ready my nerves get the best of me at times. I try to be so strong but I did have a good cry yesterday morning. I do know that the NS I choose to do my surgery is going to do a duraplasty using my own tissue and will shrink my tonsils. My life since I found out I had chiari on January 14th has been such a journey as I know it has been with everyone. All I do is eat, sleep, and breath information about this. I thank all of you for helping me weather you gave me information when I didn’t know were to turn or what to do next, or I read your stories. It has meant everything to me to have found this support group I had no idea what to research or what type of Dr. I needed to see or questions to ask. I’m thankful for Ben and everyone here helping me step by step! So I am making a list of questions to ask about before and after surgery questions for the NS. Any suggestions are appreciated I’m also looking into what you guys already have posted here! Thank you and I will continue to keep everyone posted. Also if I can be of any help to anyone please feel free to ask I will answer to the best of my ability! Take care!

Hey Abby! Thank you very much for this excellent list of question you have everything covered this will help me tremendously! Thanks again and I will definitely let you know how I’m doing take care!

Good luck on your upcoming surgery! I had surgery 1.5 years ago and I found great relief from my symptoms! I pray you see great success as well! :)

Thank you Anglyn! That gives me encouragement for my surgery! I’m so glad to hear that you found great relief! How did you feel when you woke up from your surgery and how was your recovery if you don’t mind me asking? These questions are now racing through my mind. I’m also so nervous for the moment I first wake up I don’t know why? Thank you and take care!

Sorry it took so long to reply! I actually didn’t feel so bad when I woke up. I joked with my husband even! I had undergone a tonsillectomy a couple years before and I swore it was the worst pain ever so when I awoke from the decompression and he asked how I felt I said “way better than a tonsillectomy”. My neck was really stiff and sore and I was pretty groggy! All in all not so bad. As crazy as it sounds I honestly feel recovering from the tonsillectomy was worse.

No worries about the reply time I really appreciate the info! Wow the tonsillectomy was worse I would never of thought that lol! I’m sorry you has to go through that but it sure gives me encouragement about the pain management after decompression. You were able to joke with your husband that’s great he must of been surprised! I can imagine your neck being really stiff and being groggy. I don’t know why but I watched the surgery on YouTube a few times a few weeks back and the muscles definitely go through a lot. Thank you so much and I will keep updating take care!