Update on life

It's been a good while since I've been active on here, but I have been more so in the last few days.

I started school back in May to pursue an Associate's Degree in Interior Design. I was off to a good start over the summer semester... passed all my classes with As. This semester, though, has been very difficult. With the changing seasons, I was initially forced to withdraw from one class fairly early, because I was already getting too far behind due to my headaches, along with everything else I have to do.

Today, I decided to withdraw from my other two classes I've been taking, which was a really tough call for me to make. In one of my classes, I had several absences that I couldn't get excused if I tried, and in the other class, I was getting too far behind, and with my symptoms getting worse, there was just no way I was going to be able to make up all the work. I was definitely not happy with having to make that call... I almost cried several times today.

Right now, I'm also working on getting my referral changed. I had originally had a referral approved for Dr. Oro in Aurora, but then I found out a few days ago that he's retired and no longer practicing, so now I'm trying to see if the Wisconsin Chiari Center will accept me as a patient. At this point, I am very willing to travel out-of-state to find a good doctor.

Sometimes, I feel like I keep hitting one road block after another on this journey, but hopefully things will start to fall into place soon to where I can get better treatment and resume school at some point in the future.

Lia, how’re things going for you? I hope you’re in a better place and your education is once again in sight.:slight_smile: Hugs.

Things are going. I just saw a neurosurgeon on Monday the 25th, and he is convinced that I do have Chiari and has offered me the decompression surgery. I haven’t scheduled it yet, but my hubby, our roommate, my sister-in-law and I all need to get together to come up with some sort of plan. My aunt-in-law has also offered to come up and help out too.

Thanks for update, lia. Good to hear you’ve family for support and are considering a plan for your after-care. Let us know when you settle on a date and when you’re able, update us on your post op-progress. I wish you the best of outcomes.