Update, had a seizure and 107 degree temp last saturday

last Saturday I was feeling just fine, I mowed the lawn, a couple hours later dinner finished cooking and I went to the counter to cut up my steak, and all of a sudden I was getting chills, so I went into my room to lie down. When I got into bed I started shaking uncontrollably throughout my whole body, so my mom ended up seeing if I was ok, she seen me convulsing and more-so on my left(the most effected side where my weakness/numbness is at.) my mom checked to see if I was warm, my feet was ice cold but my head was burning hot, so she ended up calling 911. While going to the hospital in the ambulance they got a reading of a 107 degree temp, which wasn't that high for too long fortunetly, but I was at 105.7 degrees in the ER for a good amount of time.

I ended up being in the hospital for 5 days and 4 nights, the doctors did an x-ray/blood culture tests, and each doctor had a different story, playing the dart game, I did end up having 18,000 white blood cells, 1 doctor thought I had pneumonia so I was put on anti-biotics, which did bring my white blood cell count to normal, but the thing is I wasn't having any pneumonia symptoms, no runny nose, no coughing, my breathing was at 100 rating. They didn't bother checking my head because they didn't know anything of chiari, so the whole time I was hospitalized they didn't find a clear diagnosis, so now I have anxiety thinking of "what if it happens again". I came so close to dying Saturday night where it was too close for comfort. I do see my neurologist on july 10th for a follow-up. I'm just greatful I'm still alive for my family's sake.

I have to agree with Nykki. Your mom will need copies of the medical documentation from that night, from the hospital and the ambulance company. The records will show what was done to treat you, as well as what was NOT done, namely getting your temperature down. A temperature that high should have been an immediate red flag for them, and your mom and her friend should not have had to do all the work to bring your temperature down. Good thing, though, that your mom's friend stayed to help, even if she was off the clock.