Update after surgery

2 weeks after surgery on Tuesday the stitches came out, and the NS said it all looks ok at this point. I still cannot drive for another week, because I cannot turn my head far enough yet. Also, he thinks the "off balance" feeling will go away as soon as the swelling in my neck goes down. The most pain I have is all on the left side, behind the ear and down my neck; doctor says this will get better too. So overall everything sounds good.

We were almost home, when some idiot lady rear-ended us. My husband had stopped at a stop sign at an off ramp, and she ran right into us. She never touched her breaks. According to her, she thought we would move (what in front of the two Semi trucks coming down the road?). Luckily my husband was fine, besides a backache (which he had before the accident as well). I was pulled really hard to the right. So after calling the NS later that day he told me to go to the local hospital to get checked out. My left shoulder is sprained, and there is some fluid collection on the surgical side. At this point he thinks it could be still from the surgery, or from the accident. They will check again on Monday.

So to make a long story short I had my first low point (emotionally in the dumpster type crying) this morning, because: 1. I am scared that the accident messed things up. 2. Things don't move fast enough (according to my speed). 3. I dropped some classes I had signed up for, because I am physically not ready yet (which felt like a personal letdown). And, 4. After almost three weeks it became clear who really cares about you and who does not (which can be very surprising). After moral support from my husband (who also called my best friend for backup), and a bunch of wet kisses from our dogs I do feel better again. I hope everybody else is doing well! Have a great Sunday!


I am so sorry you were in an accident while recovering from CM Surgery. I am glad you and your husband wasn't hurt worse. We all need a good cry now and then. It is so difficult at times being a Chiarian. It's overwhelming. Everyone chuckles when I tell them I was diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder. Yes.....like who can "Adjust" to CM and all it's surprises? I would love to meet the person that introduced that diagnosis to the Psychiatric Community.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing,

Tracy Z.

HI i hope all is well, your recovery and spirts. I have been considering the surgery but the thought is freaking me out, what if nothing changes? Plus i have dumb luck lol if itll happen to 1in million id be that 1.Ill pray. For you and your hubby. Keep us informed. How your doing.

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you feel better soon. Take your time to recover and glad you guys didn’t get SERIOUSLY injured. Keep us posted

Wow that sounds really intense, I would really be scared too, I hope that lady gets in a lot of trouble! I have not had surgery, but I do relate to the emotionns part, I am really glad your husband is such a great support, you have a good man! Try to stay strong, but we are all in this together.

Thanks everyone, i did ok today. Left side is still sore, and i am supposed to call the doctor tomorrow to see if they check it out any further. We are still waiting for the police report. But the woman's ticket was only $125 for failure to stop. I have a friend who works at the court house who told me about it. In my opinion it should have been way more. But I guess what do I know, right?!

I am sorry about your accident. I hope you keep feeling a little better. I had my surgery June 4th 2012. doing okay I was also off balance after my surgery had to walk with a cane for a few weeks. I am doing good ....still have the symptoms but theyve lessened.

So sorry to hear of your accident! So scary! I'm glad no one was seriously injured. I hope your follow-up goes well today!

So sorry to hear about your wreck but glad no one was seriously injured. I say a good cry does the body good just try to be easy on yourself. You have been through a lot! :-)

Wow.... I would have had a hard time not issuing some sever on the spot repercussions for her stupidity. I've never hit a lady but after a loved one or even myself would have gone through a surgery like that I might loose all self control. Good luck to you, get a lawyer and sue to moron for being a bad driver.

Thanks for the ongoing support! I can't see my doctor until Friday for a checkup, they had no opening. My left side still hurts, and I have to take more Norco again keep the pain at a "normal" level. I also found out that the "moron" only had to pay $125 for failure to stop. I have a friend who works at the courthouse and she told me. I know it will get better, soon would be nice so!

Aw, that really sucks about the accident. I can totally understand that bringing you down, that would be so scary. I hope you heal quickly and have no permanent repercussions from the accident.