Update after my appointment.. Confused

So I finally finished all my test and saw the neurosurgen. I find my self way more confuse than ever and very overwhelmed. He told me that the mris came out looking “good”. He said for the moment he doesn’t recomend surgery which is all great BUT when I asked him why are my symptoms so strong and so many of them he shrugged his shoulders and said idk that I should let the new neorologist figure it out and did what every doctor before has done, give me percs and valium and send me on my mary way and told me hell see me in a YEAR! I hate those pills I get all druggy but its the only thing that seems to help worth the pain since liryca was a failure.
I left the doctor in tears and worried because if my chiari symptpms.aren’t being triggeted by chiari then by what??? To top it off since I started to cry the only recommendation he gave me was to see a psychiatrist for stress. I almost cursed at him but then he would really think I’m crazy lol. Idk what tu do now

I have been where you are and it is so frustrating. I get so sad reading these stories again and again on the site. It's so unfair after all we go through to be treated this way. As always Beeba has some good advice. Don't give up on finding a doctor who understands what you are going through!