Upcoming Surgery

I thought my nerves were bad before I found out about chiari, but now I can’t wait for a migraine to come along to rock me to sleep. I know the problem is that I’m afraid of what lies ahead. My surgery is scheduled for march 26th. I’m busy trying to get various medical test done, getting things in order at work, with my kids and insurance.my entire family is bracing for this, they are all trying to be my rock especially my husband, but that’s my roll. I’m the rock of the family.

With that said I am so thankful to have them all. My family!

When I found out I had chiari malformation 1 was actually a fluke. I’ve had so many issues throughout my life…chronic anemia, lupus symptoms, fibromyalgia, chronic pain (so they thought), depression… I was complaining of dizziness and problems thinking. I had always complained of dizziness, vertigo, headaches, migraines, but this time I said I wasn’t thinking clearly…but then again I guess I was to be able to think about I wasn’t able to think…lol
My PCP ordered a MRI the day before I left for a family trip. When I returned from my trip I was called to return to the doctor, he said I had a sinus infection. I was like, that was a pricey way to find that out, but then he said you also have something called CHIARI. He explained what he knew of it and told me to research it. Well that was a month ago and my life has been turned upside down.
Typing this has been therapeutic, I am no longer crying but focusing on where I’ve been and where I’m going. Thank you for listening (reading). :slight_smile: