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Upcoming Member Surgeries


I thought it may be nice to keep a list here of those members we know of who are scheduled for upcoming surgeries, so we can wish them well and periodically check-in on them.


wonderwoman2006- date unclear
Tiffany- March 31

jen- date unclear

tes3- date soon

dolphinlove- April 9

Kayla C.- date unclear


Megan- April 23


Thanks Laurie for creating this, very helpful!

BaltimoreBaby said:

Megan- April 23




Braylen - April 9

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Surgery on February 21st. I don’t know anyone who’s had Chiari Malformation and feel isolated. I keep hoping I’ll wake up and it’ll just go away but that’s not physically going to happen. I’m so accustomed to the pain because it’s constant with waves of intensities that I work everyday and follow through with any other responsibilities. I rarely discuss it with others because I just don’t feel like they’ll understand. Surgery is so scary. I’ve purposely not googled pictures because I think I’ll chicken out. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :pensive:


Surgery 11th April
7days to go


Jenna - July 26th -


Celeste 6/27/2018