Upcoming decompression surgery July 8 2015

Please everyone share you post op pain stories with me on this blog. Inquisitive minds want to know. Im trying to prepare a little bit. Anything you wish you did or didn’t do, things that made your hospital stay comfortable in a sense, pain level from 1-10.(10 being the highest), and any other things you find useful. Please and thank you, this will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Yvonne.

I just wanted to wish you the best on your upcoming surgery and let you know I admire you’ve decided on a practical, empowering approach to your surgery. Stay strong!



My pain was bad but I think I was suffering from caffeine withdrawals. After about 4 weeks I was in very little pain. Once I ran out of pain medicine I did not need anymore. It was great. I am one yea post op and feeling great. I have other issues but no headaches. Good luck

Hey Yvonne,

This forum is so very informative, I knew nothing of this condition and was freaking out when my family member was started experiencing some of the post op reactions. First thing to remember is every patient can have different post op reactions so though some experience severe pain and nausea that is not to say you will to.

My family member started having intense head pain a couple days after surgery and this was accompanied by vomiting. The management of the pain and vomiting through meds and cold compresses seemed to be the ticket to getting through the post op reactions. There are many anti nausea meds like Zofran and Gravol have them try them all until you find one that works. Torridol is an anti-inflammatory that has been working in the pain relief dept. for my family member.

Good luck in your journey and I wish you a speedy pain free recovery.


I had surgery (bone removal only) on a Tuesday, took a total of 4 percocets in a one at a time fashion and was discharged the next day with T3's, which I used as prescribed, until the last one I needed on the Saturday evening. After that I took an ibuprofen at night - I am not sure how long. I increased my fiber intake and walked for short distances regularily to prevent constipation. I cannot remember if I an ant-nausea pills but I probably did. Very important so you do not vomit - very painful I hear!

Starting upon awakening from surgery, I did micro iso-contraction of my neck muscles along the vertebral spines and columns, front, back and sides. When I first started, it was more like just imagining the muscles contracting because I do not think that they actually were. I got better with time and had a whole program that I did many times a day. I also consciously stabilized my neck with my muscles when rolling, getting out of bed, or leaning forward. Ice for 15 minutes with minimum of two hours in-between helps with swelling for the first couple of days.

Focusing on maximum doses of many types of medication to control pain can set your recovery back unnecessarily - my doctor advised taking what you needed to keep the pain under control but to be actively taking measures to reduce pain as well.

Immediately post surgery, you will want to take medication in the time periods allowed by what ever you are given. Nurses are sometimes not on the ball and may not bring it when you are due. Have a family member be on top of this and to wake you up when you need it - just the first 24 hours should be OK.

Once the scar is healed and the stitches removed you may need to do scar management techniques to remove incisional sensitivity.

Good luck with your surgery.

Post op

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Hello Yvonne, how are you doing? Tell us how you're feeling.

My hospital stay was so-so.The day of the surgery I went in an registered alone due to the fact that my husband must've gotten scared the day before because he asked to work on the day I was supposed to have surgery even though his job had given him time off. Well I checked in at 5:30am and went through the registering process. My grandmother had my children waiting until daycare opened so she could be with me. Once I passed registration they took me into a room behind a curtain. They asked me to undress and wipe my body down with some warm sticky pads. Then I laid down on the hospital bed. They put IV's in my arms and made me take all my jewelry off. The hospital staff was amazing. The nurses and doctors were very friendly and did everything to calm me down. My grandmother showed up right before they rolled me out of the room. They rolled me into the OR where I was introduced to all the staff and answered all my questions that I had. They put something into my IV and put a mask on my face. I remember waking up to my daddy and grandma standing by my side saying it was over. Yes the pain was immense but the medicine they put into my IV's every hour help dull the pain. I was in recovery all night because thru ICU had no empty rooms. My husband and grandma could not visit me and I began to panic. I was in a big empty room full of empty beds and was not allowed to see me family. The nurse did her best to keep me company and calm. I remember one point waking up in the middle of the night in immense pain and mot knowing where I was and crying yo the nurse begging to let me see my husband. Once I had calmed down I could see him for about five minutes. The next morning on July 9 I was moved to a room in ICU which was wonderful. My family could visit.I had to switch to pill medication instead of IV drip because they claimed I could eat. My diet consisted of applesauce and ice water. Pain level was 10 one I began taking that medicine. Took too long to work and I couldn't eat due to being nauseous. They released me on Saturday and I was so sad because they really took care of me. Home life sucks. Constant pain unless I'm knocked out on meds. They messed up my meds Had me on blood pressure medicine but my blood pressure has always been perfect which lowered my blood pressure too low which slowed down the blood in my brain and made me pass out where my son found me. It has been a week and 5 days since surgery. I'm hurting. The scar terrified me when I finally saw it. I go tomorrow to get my sutures out.

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