Up coming surgery...HELP

My surgery is on the 6th of March. Some days I am so ready and others I feel nervous and want to put it off. My main concern is how this will affect my kids. What do I tell my 5yr. daughter? What do I need to do to help make me comfortable after? All advice would be great.

My daughter was 7 years old when I first became ill. I had Cranial Nerve surgery before my CM decompression surgery. My NS sat Victoria down and talked to her for an hour to make sure she understood everything that was going to happen and the complications that might happen. That was a God send. I have never been so thankful. She was perfectly fine with everything. Then when my CM surgery came up Victoria wasn't worried because Dr. Jannetta had promised her he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me and ways she might be helpful when I came home. Is it possible to take your daughter to your next appointment and ask your NS to talk to her or all your children and make them comfortable? You have so much going on and being a mother it breaks your heart with worries. Please know we all understand & can empathize with you and will always be here for your questions.

God Bless,'

Tracy Z.


My suggestion is to keep it simple.she is only 5 yrs old....You can tell her the basics about Chiari and also that you will be tired and out of sorts, sore...once you get home....so if she could be a little helper that would make mommy feel lots better.

Tell her that you will have some missing hair...but that will grow back real fast!!!!

Just my 2 cents.....

You are in my thoughts and prayers,


My suggestion is that it depends on what you think your kids can handle. For me when I have to have surgery for my medical problems. I usually do not tell my daughter untill couple days before and I keep it really simple. I know that she worries alot and gets upset to easily. So the simplest is better for her. I also will ask her to draw me a picture or make me something while im in the hospital. This helps keep her occupied so she not worrying about me and she feels like she is helping get better by making me a pictures. As for being comfortable the only thing I can suggest is a sippy cup. I know after my daughter surgery the only way she could drink without spilling it all over her is to use a sippy cup. You are in my thoughts and prayers