Chiari Online Support Group

Undiagnosed 7.5 mm

Thank you for creating this site as well as letting me join. I had an ACDF C6-7 in 2015. It was a great procedure as I was at the point of not feeling my arms and couldn’t even write. Now, 2018, I have so many pains. Not a day goes by that I do not hurt somewhere! Majority of my pain is in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I spoke with my GP and requested that I see a neurologist; she referred me to an orthopedic to get an evaluation and start from there. Before my appointment I requested my records from my Neuro surgeon. They did not arrive in time, but I did get them. I was reviewing, just curious, the first opinion listed was Chiari I Malformation. Once I discovered exactly what it was I was relieved and scared. I don’t feel so crazy now. I disregarded the PT and steroids from the Ortho and scheduled an apt with my Neuro, but it is not until the end of March.