Umm am at a bit of a loss and not sure what to think?

Hi lovely people, please could I have some input :0
Ummmmmmm not sure what to think I had my first appointment with NS he has put me on the waiting list to have tumor evicted YAY(some time in the next 4 months) he is sending me for another MRI to see if I have a syrinx as they only scanned head and neck last time (which is good) but he does not want to do both (tumor and chiari malformation 1 decompression) at the same time he said if he removes the tumor it might stop the mass effect and then not have to do an operation for the CM1???????? if it does not stop the symptoms he will look at doing the CM1 decompression about 2 months after my tumor (not sure if it will happen then or if I will be put on waiting list?) he said he could not say if my symptoms were CM1 ( he did not ask what the symptoms were) sorry for the rant I am just a bit umm weary and I am not sure what to do within out public health system (New Zealand)about getting a second opinion? I am also slightly concerned that he could not tell me exactly the name/type of M (maybe I did not ask the right way) I am pretty sure it is a convexity?(sp) ahhhh gosh sorry am feeling at a loss at the moment and don't want to "vent to my family and friends as then they will worry and I feel bad enough that they have to worry and help me out at the moment) Huge hugs to you all and know allot of you are going through much worse than me and I do feel bad for ranting sorry hope this makes some kind of sense ahhhh and sorry for the novel

Asti, after reading your post I have to say it sounds like this NS is on the ball! His plan makes sense- tumors can cause a Chiari malformation. I am so happy that you are moving forward and have a game plan. How are you feeling about all of this? Please vent- we are your family and we get it!


I agree with Jenn! There is a good chance of the tumor causing the Chiari and if one surgery can correct both with no bone removal that would be great! It's a good sign that he's doing more scans to make sure there is no syrinx! Best wishes to you! Vent anytime!

Huge hugs thank you both for your reply and your support :)

Keep us up to date, hugs!