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Two years post-op


So it’s been two years now since my surgery and everything is going wonderful! My headaches are completely gone still to this day which was my main complaint. Its nice to have a qaulity of life again without pain! Thanks to a awesome neurosurgeon from St. Louis University Hospital ( Dr. coppens) which I will ever be greatful to!


How long was your recovery time? Hospital stay and just time frame of getting back to doing normal everyday tasks?

I have my surgery on 10/9 and as I get closer I am getting nervous.


My complete recovery time took almost a year to feel completely normal. I stayed in ICU for two days then CCU for two days then regular neuro floor for three days. I was up and walking the next day after surgery. I was nervous before surgery as well but the day I went in i had this calm peaceful feeling and I was excited to get it done.


I love seeing these stories here! I hit my one year mark on Oct 24th and I am pain free and symptom free. When I went in for surgery my CSF was completely blocked and I had Syringomyelia as well. I am also a success story thanks to U of WA Neurology/Neurosurgery and Dr. Michele Chowdhary. She saved my life. I am back to running marathons.


I love seeing success stories too, and I’m really glad when people come back and share positive experiences. I’m only 10 weeks out from my first surgery and 7 weeks from my second repair surgery, and I already feel so much better I can’t believe it.