Two weeks post surgery.pain and double vision

I am two weeks post decompression surgery. While in the hospital after surg. My pain was off the chaarts. They were unable to manage my pain until the day I was discharge (2 and a half days in hospital). Since I’ve been home my headaches have been horrible. I pretty much hav to be on pain meds and laying down because the pain in my head hurts worse while I’m upright. My main reason to undergo surg was to help my double vision and balance but now I have headaches and my Vision Is worse!! My balance and double vision hav not improved and my doctor just says it takes time. My worst fear is that my symptoms won’t improve. Has anyone had double vision not improve or had it improve, if so how long did it take?

I also had vision issues and horrible headaches. You are still healing. I would though go ahead and make an appoint with your

eye Dr. My Optic Nerve bent. They probably need to check your vision. You may want to follow up with a Neurologist or Pain

Mgmt. Specialist for your headaches. Even though you are healing you still need someone to follow up with. Headaches are

common post op. It's better to have someone and not need them than need someone and have to suffer in the process.

Tracy Z.